08 Add the Ad Bar to your website

People that own their own website can add the Ad Bar to their website

If you own and operate your own website, you can earn extra points by adding the Traffic Ad Bar code to your website.

You can place a maximum of 2 ad boxes on each page of your website. To configure a box start by clicking the options below.

What size ad box do you want?

Horizontal banner

728×90 – Get_code

490×90 – Get_code

252×90 – Get_code

Vertical banner

120×600 – Get_code

120×300 – Get_code

You must edit your web page with an HTML editor.  If you have a CPANEL account for one of your websites, use CPANEL File Manager, navigate the folder, and right click the file, and choose HTML Editor

Near the bottom of the page (but still before the