10 Exchange Ad Status

The Exchange Ad Status has several key purposes:

  • To see how many credits are remaining on your exchange ads
  • To see how many clicks had been received
  • To determine how effective your ads are
  • To provide access to the screen that allows you to assign additional credits to your ads

By clicking the (Click to Add) link, you are forwarded to a screen similar to the one below (also accessible from the main menu link Manage Exchange Credits.

You can enter the number of credits (clicks) and transfer them to that ad

You cam redeem surf credits to your account so they can be transferred to your ads.

Credit Transfer AreaUsing the drop down menu below you can Transfer up to 117153 credits to your ads which show up in the next drop down menu. If you would like to remove credits from an ad it will have to be deleted. Once deleted all credits assigned go back to your credit account.
Transfer click credit(s) to
Credit Redemption & Management AreaCredits that you earn by visiting sites in the “Read Advertisements” are shown here. Redeem them anytime for your ads above.

You have no credits from reading ads that can be redeemed. Please CLICK HERE to earn credits.