09 Set Up Your Exchange Ads

WebcastSource.net is a Safelist AND Traffic Exchange.

You can post up to 25 websites in the gallery. 

When you joined WebcastSource.net, you got 1000 Guaranteed Visitors. 
These are applied to your 25 websites in the Exchange to allow those
sites to be shown.   


  • Go into Manage Exchange Ads on the main menu
  • Add a new ad with the button Click to Add
  • Define your subject, enter a short description, then enter your site URL.
  • Assign your credits
  • Click the Update Ad button


I strongly suggest you test your ad (both ways)

  • The first test:
    Click the link Click Here to Preview Your Site 


  • The second test:
    Click the link Click Here to read your ad

If your snapshot image of the website does not display, it may take a couple minutes
to render the image.  Click the Click to Refresh button.

You are DONE entering this site.  It must be approved by the admin before it will be
displayed in the Gallery.  Approvals are always done within 24 hours.


You get 100 Visitor Credits to Give Away as Incentives for prospects to join.

Just tell them in your promo that you are offering them if they join.
Don’t forget to transfer the promised visitor credits after they join.