08 WebcastSource.net Click Through Rates

I was browsing the Approved Banners queue when I noticed a huge SURPRISE!

The Banners at WebcastSource.net had some INCREDIBLE NUMBERS!
I did some quick calculations to determine the Click Through Rates (CTR):
Banners  4.31% – 7.91%
Comments on Industry CTRs for Safelist/Traffic Exchange Banner Advertisement:
  • As Andrew Chen mentions in a blog post, in 1994, the click-through-rates on banners were as high as 78% and have waned down to < 0.1% today! 
So, what does that tell you?
You are getting PHENOMENAL CTR’s at WebcastSource.net! *
   * This is simply a measurement of CTR and NOT of CONVERSIONS but conventional logic affirms that in the “Numbers Game”, the more clicks you get, the HIGHER THE CONVERSIONS!  (Duh – if nobody is clicking your ads, then it just makes sense that your conversions are in the tank.)
So, you think that WebcastSource.net is a rinky-dink little TAE/TE but what you don’t realize is that YOUR ADS are shared with 17,968 members of the WorldProfit Traffic Network!   There are over 2 MILLION WorldProfit members, and our little rinky-dink TAE is NOT rinky-dink at all.
BTW, I also calculated the CTR’s for text ads with the resulting CTR ranges:
Text Ads  9.87% – 13.13%
If you want Industry-blowing CTR’s, try out WebcastSource.net.

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Rich Moyer