06 Are You Recruiting? Here Some Tools to Help You

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I strongly recommend that you read the “How it Works” information, and also the “Referrals” page so you get a firm grasp of what I am saying here:

If you are NOT Recruiting, getting referrals, and building YOUR list, you might as well pack it in as far as  Network Marketing is concerned.

That’s right Bubba, if you are NOT RECRUITING YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS!

So, what is so important about RECRUITING?

To reiterate what is in the Referrals page…

Webcast Source’s referral system works by giving you 100 visitor credits and 1,000 safelist credits when you sign someone up using your referral link. That means you get rewarded for recommending our service to anyone on your list or from your website.

In summary just for referring someone YOU GET:

=> 100 guaranteed visitor credits for use in the Exchange part of WebcastSource.net
=> 1,000 safelist credits to “purchase” banner ads, text ads, Solo ads, header and footer ads, and Login ads.

How Do You Recruit?

Easy.  Go to the Referrals link.  There you will find:

  • Banners (468×60) graphic ads that you place on other safelists and banner exchanges. 
  • Splash Page – fast-loading full page ads that include a sign-up form.  Use this as the TARGET URL on safelist Hot Links, Traffic Links, Banners, Buttons, and Login Ads.  Why?  It gives the prospect a single focus.  
  • Referral Link – takes the prospect to the front page of WebcastSource.net.   The Referral Link is a login page, a sign-up page, a bonus offer page, and just too many distractions for a prospective member.  USE SPLASH PAGE LINK AS THE TARGET URL!  So, what do you use the Referral Link for?  Downline Builders!
  • Email Promo – Use this ad copy to promote on other safelists using credit mailers, system mailers, and Solo Ads.  It is already coded with YOUR affiliate ID (but remember what I said about using Splash Pages).
  • Social Media Sharing Buttons – don’t overlook clicking these regularly to promote WebcastSource.net on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Digg.  Free Advertising with just a click! 

Other Promo Materials – Ad Copy, Button Banner Graphics, Login Ad Graphics, Facebook Ads, Tweets can be found on my website and blog at WebcastSource.com (note the .COM, not .NET)   WebcastSource.net Resources Page


An Example of How to Use the Referral Reward When you Get a New Referral Signup

You are notified that you have received a new referral and have been awarded 1000 Safelist Credits.  So, if you elect to add a new banner, you simply go to the Banner Ads link, define your ad’s Campaign Name (only seen by you), the Banner IMAGE URL (468×60 only), ad the Destination URL (also called Target URL).  The credits you are rewarded can be applied where it says Credits To Use.

So, one simple referral just bought you free advertising in the way of a banner ad with 1000 views.  Sweet!

These are the TOOLS, stay tuned to hear about the STRATEGY.

As always, please feel free to contact me with questions, if you want a demo, or are curious about other resources I can share with you.

My contact info:

Rich Moyer
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Email: richard.moyer.1953@gmail .com
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