04 SuperNetwork Ads – Inexpensive Traffic Right Here

First you need to understand the various ad types to get the full impact and meaning.

Onsite Ads

There are ONSITE ADS that only the members of Cash Traffic Machine can view when they log in. These include:

  • Login Ads
  • Featured Ads
  • Headline Ads
  • Block Ads
  • AdsPlus Ads
  • Button Ads
  • Billboards
  • Premium Ads
  • Spotlight Ads
  • Some Banner Ads

Sent Ads

There are SENT ADS that have an email ad body sent to the mail inbox of the member.

When they click the credit link, the first thing that happens is a header is displayed that may contain Banner Ads, Hot Links, or Traffic Links.

Additionally, by clicking in certain places in that header, they reader can be directed to Cash Traffic Machine, using YOUR affiliate ID so that if they join using that link, YOU get the referral credit!

Sent Ads may also be viewed from within the site, but once viewed you cannot get credit for viewing the ad and earning points in both places.

The ad types that are SENT Ads are:

  • Member SOLO Ads – sent to the CONTACT email ID of all members
  • Admin Ads – sent to the CONTACT email ID of the recipient
  • Referral Ads – sent to the CONTACT email ID of the recipient by their upline
  • System Mailer – sent to the LIST email ID of the recipients (depends on the number of credits assigned)

SuperNetwork Ads

Next, but the widest reach and most powerful ads are the SUPERNETWORK Ads.  These ads go to many different sites and tens of thousands of members.  DEFINITELY WORTH THE INEXPENSIVE FEE (when compared to commercial Solo Ads).

Cash Traffic Machine has the following SUPERNETWORK Ad Networks:

  • Extreme Quality Solos – Sent to 83 Sites.  Total Combined Membership of 64,891 Members
  • Top Apex Solos – Sent to 42 Sites.  Total Combined Membership of 44,473 Members
  • GLOBAL VIRAL SOLOS – Sent to 20 Sites – Total combined Membership 23,765 Members

Viral Ads

This topic could be a complete drip campaign series in itself.  Check out the Help topics on the site.

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There are SO many different ad types on Cash Traffic Machine.   THIS is one of those “Keepers”

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