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Why don’t your stats and my third party stats tracker match

Proprietary Software – Google and other third party url tracking companies use proprietary software to eliminate third party viewers in their statistics.

Cookies – When using cookies to track visits it is not uncommon to see big differences, for all the viewers who have cookies disabled or decline accepting them. It is important to remember that tracking stats by cookies is not and will never be 100%.

Timing – Many viewers simply jump on a page and then off too quickly for it to register an impression.

Javascript – If a lot of viewers have javascript disabled (or cookie disabled) could
account for up to 60%.

Proxy Servers – If Google Analytical senses that a particular segment of traffic is coming from behind a proxy server (like
AOL) it will throw out all of the location data.

Google Speed – The speed of the Google code is an issue.  Frequently the pages will be loaded and still waiting for analytics to catch up.  As visitors browse on, the visit vanishes into the ether.  It would be better if the visit was recording as it is requested.  Third party sites can not be depended on to do this, not even Google.

To understand the problems arising with tracking of using third party scripts here is a link how other people experiences
about Google analytics:
>>>>> http://www.seomoz.org/blog/how-reliable-is-google-analytics

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