02 Letter from the Owner of WebcastSource.net

Letter to All Members at WebcastSource.net, GiantProfitAds, and Mad-Cow-Ads.


My name is Rich Moyer. I am the owner and administrator at GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads, and WebcastSource,net. I also own and operate Life Balance Networks, a network of over 25+ blogs, video blogs, video sites, web stores and online retail e-Commerce platforms. I would like to welcome Mad-Cow-Ads back to Life Balance Networks.

As the owner of Mad-Cow-Ads, WebcastSource.net and GiantProfitAds, I want to tell you about some of the exciting things happening at Giant Profit Ads, and the sister-sites Mad Cow Ads and WebcastSource.net.

The great news is that every member of WebcastSource.net, Mad-Cow-Ads AND GiantProfitAds will getting the benefits of the changes planned. If a program is offered at GiantProfitAds, if possible it will also be implemented at Mad-Cow-Ads.  These two sites are based on the same script software.

WebcastSource.net uses a completely different software script that does not support the same features as the other two sites but there is also an opportunity to have other promos to enhance the powerful features specific to that site.

I am building an advertising community, not just “members” of a safelist that harvest points then move on to the next free email. This is what you should expect, and promote, when you join my TEAM.

There are some shining nuggets in the message below that not only shows how we take care of our own, but also some valuable tips and tutorials that may make your safelist advertising more efficient, and fun.

Take a couple minutes. See if this is the type of online advertising community that YOU might want to be a part of…


AFF Super Networks and AFF Super Solos

GiantProfitAds has joined AFF SuperNetworks as a Partner Site. This gives you, as part of your membership, access to offers and credits from over 69 websites and over 45,691 members. This requires your own free membership at AFF SuperNetworks through my affiliate ID (I pay for a Text Ad Exchange membership so each member of our community can get a monthly allocation of free ads).

GiantProfitAds has also joined (at no cost to you) Pinnacle Networks. No ID is required for these ads: you purchase “by the drink” or bulk packs which lowers the price to $5 per ad, and distributes to 25 sites, 19,522 members.

GiantProfitAds has also joined as a partner, CA Surfer Solos (CASS). No ID is required for these ads: you purchase “by the drink” or bulk packs which lowers the price substantially per ad, and distributes to 19 sites, over 19,000 members.

Mad-Cow-Ads is a member of a different network, but with a similar name: AFF Super Solos I, which spans 59 sites and 59,991 members from the Mad-Cow-Ads ADVERTISE HERE section.

So, what’s the difference between a Solo ad on each of the sites and one from a Super Network? Easy. If you send a Solo Ad on Mad-Cow-Ads, WebcastSource.net, or GiantProfitAds, it goes only to the membership of each respective safelist. In the case of GiantProfitAds, the membership count today is 251, and Mad-Cow-Ads is 132.

Each one of the “AFF Super” networks ad goes to over 41,000 members respectively. If you did your research, you will find that sending ads to either of these Super networks when you initiate the ad from my affiliate ID’s is an INCREDIBLE BARGAIN.

SuperJV Now an Unbelievable Value

Combine the powerful reach of the many Super Networks for your ads, with the unbelievable low price of $20 for an Annual Membership, Daily Bonus Credits, Promo Codes, Referral Rewards, Login Bonus Credits and so much more, and you can see the incredible value you get… FOR ONLY $20.00 per year!

WebcastSource.net connections are through the WorldProfit networks.  Over 17,000 members view your ads and exchange sites.  You can send member-to-member mail every three days to 500, 2500, or 5000 members.  Contact Email Solo Ads are sent to over 7800 double opt-in members.  To show the power and potential of the WorldProfit networks, consider that they have been in business teaching members about Network Marketing for over 21 years.  There are over 2 million WorldProfit associate members.

The upgrade levels at WebcastSource.net are Pro, which is a monthly membership, and Lifetime, which is an incredible value that provides even more exclusive features specific to Lifetime members.

Duplicate Memberships

Just a reminder. The TOS for each of our sites limits each person to ONE MEMBERSHIP ONLY for each site. The system does periodic checks for duplicate IP addresses, passwords, and email addresses.

If multiple family members originate their membership from the same IP address, they should have a separate email address and username.

You MAY have a membership at three sites, and they can be at different membership levels (Pro, JV, SuperJV). They can even have the same username (if available). I do recommend having different passwords.

Security Checks

Scanning software checks for ultra-simple passwords like 999999 or your username. The Admin will send you a note to change the password. If your password is not changed within 48 hours, the security software will automatically change your password to a random password

Bounced Emails

I will make every effort to resolve an issue and notify the members if emails bounce, but the bottom line is that you are responsible to ensure the registered email address is viable, active, authorized, and not blocked. Whitelist GiantProfitAds.info AND GiantProfitAds.com, and Mad-Cow-Ads.com.

Cloaking Limits Increased

I have raised the limits for all membership levels for the number of “cloaked” entries allowed. Cloaking not only protects your URL from unscrupulous villains who hijack your commissions, but it also gives you an additional means of tracking. It is another form of free advertising you get as a benefit of membership here.

A subtle benefit is to increase awareness of our sites, which increases our membership roles, and increases the number of members who view, click. and convert from your ads. When you cloak your links on our sites, all the ads you publish with that cloaked link will offer that cloaking to others branded with YOUR referral ID, so it is a built-in viral recruiting tool that takes absolutely no effort on your part. In addition, right below that offer is a link to one of your three “favorite sites” that you define in your Downline Builder, so you are driving traffic to YOUR favorite projects.

Be sure to fill out your sites on the Downline Builder.

Downline Builder

Another reason to take the time to fill in your affiliate ID’s in the Downline Builder is that if a REFERRAL signs up for one of those Text Ad Exchanges (safelists), Traffic Exchanges, List Builders, or Business Opportunities, they are signing up using YOUR affiliate ID, so you get the REFERRAL CREDIT from that resource.

You should at least define your downline builder opportunities for any PAID programs you have joined. Some of these pay cash commissions. These commissions are in no way tied to GiantProfitAds or Mad-Cow-Ads: they are ALL YOURS according to the terms of that affiliate program. What a great way to build a residual income stream!

I suggest starting to build a text file that shows the project name, your ID and Password, a 468×60 banner URL, and your complete referral ID and URL. Every time you join another project, add it to the file. It does not take long to build a fairly long list of affiliate opportunities, and fill out the downline builder on EVERY new opportunity (like safelist) you join.

Free Resources

On the Member Home page, there is now a listing of free eCourses (installments sent once per day or week to your inbox).

I send notices of new articles, tutorials, and videos regularly that help you understand, and get the most value out of your membership.

If you REALLY want to learn about Internet Marketing, and get GUARANTEED results if you follow the Bootcamp training exactly, I have been referring my consulting clients for years to the WorldProfit Free Associates program. When you upgrade to a paid member, they have the Best internet marketing training on the planet.


Referrals are an easy way to increase the reach and effectiveness of your ads. Increase the membership base, and get rewards for referring new members. You can see YOUR referrals at the bottom of the page TOOLS AND STATS.

Did you know that you can use EMAIL MY REFERRALS to send messages to YOUR TEAM every week? These are the people YOU BROUGHT INTO OUR MEMBERSHIP! This is where you promote YOUR initiatives and products — to YOUR LIST.

Just to illustrate the benefit of bringing in referrals, if you are a SuperJV, for every referral you bring in, you get 5,000 Points, which can be used to trade for advertising. You get points every time your referral logs in, every time your referral upgrades or earns points from surfing, and cash commissions if they purchase advertising from our safelist.


This brings up the subject of Marketing Strategy. This is such a common mistake and why new internet marketers get frustrated and quit. You SHOULD NOT PROMOTE TO SELL PRODUCTS OR SERVICES on safelists or traffic exchanges. You should only PROMOTE TO BUILD YOUR LIST. Once they become referrals on your list, that is where you offer products for sale. This is where an autoresponder comes in: you get them on your list which is managed by the autoresponder, and THEN you set your autoresponder messages to offer products, services, and also give aways and free stuff.

There has been no autoresponder function for your downlines until now. Even without the autoresponder you can email your downlines once per week. One of those emails could be offering a free ebook or ecourse that signs them up for your own autorespond er. I am free to discuss options and ideas with you so submit a Support Ticket with your questions.


I want you to get as many referrals as possible, not only so you can get the points, but the more members we have, the greater reach YOUR ADS have. You also have an opportunity to grow YOUR DOWNLINE, to which you can send offers of products and services. If you want to transfer some of the massive points you accrue from your recruiting efforts to your referrals as an incentive to join or upgrade, there is no automatic facility to do this, but YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST TO ME ON A SUPPORT TICKET.

JV Upgrade

If you haven’t noticed, the Member Page announces that the offer of a free JV upgrade has been discontinued. An Annual JV membership, sells for $10. All JV members prior to this change will be grandfathered at the Lifetime rate, and will not be subject to the subscription. The subscription rates are comparable to competing safelists.

SuperJV Upgrade

The Lifetime SuperJV membership is no longer offered. An Annual SuperJV membership is currently $20.00. Likewise, all SuperJV members prior to this change will be grandfathered at the Lifetime rate, and will not be subject to the monthly subscription. The subscription rates are comparable to competing safelists.

This is a fantastic offer to pass on when recruiting! 

New Banner Ads

I have added some new resources you can use in your promotion of GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads. You can find banners, buttons, sample email swipes and text ad messages under TOOLS AND STATS.

Thanks for your support.

These changes are being implemented to give you, our members, more choices in advertising and a greater reach for your ads. Some changes have already been implemented to substantially improve the efficiency of how this safelist operates, and ensures that your ads are being viewed.

I Am Here To Help

I wish I had a formula for getting people to click those ads, but that is more art than science. I will attempt to make corrections to minor errors and misspellings if possible, and I will notify you of any anomalies in your ad that may be detracting from getting the maximum clicks and eventually conversions.

I have joined several ADVERTISING CO-OPS on your behalf that purchase high quality, targeted, guaranteed traffic from real double-opt-in users on PROVEN AND CERTIFIED list sources (no robots or Fiverr’s). This is to increase OUR visibility with other networks and traffic exchanges. This is where the “subscriptions” and Ad fees go: not towards the purchase of some guru’s new Ferarri. Every cent received by the membership is PUT RIGHT BACK INTO THE BUSINESS so we all can GROW and EARN.

We are not millionaires, and don’t live in a mansion or drive obscenely expensive cars. We make our living like you do. I am on a fixed income pension, and supplement that with the small amount of retail sales revenues, affiliate income, and marketing commissions JUST LIKE YOU. I understand where YOU are, and how to improve that. My consulting firm, since 1997, has helped countless real estate investors, small business owners, and other startups get on the right track to become successful businesses. I am now retired, and offer my advice FOR FREE. Be wary of offers on the Internet. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. I teach “slow and steady”. And sustainable.

Offer to You

I have some suggestions for free or low-cost autoresponder solutions, and many other topics. Call me or send a support ticket to make an appointment so we can carve out some one-on-one time. My background is in IT, Finance, Accounting, Consulting, Compliance, and Auditing for my 32 year career before my first retirement. I’ve owned and operated a small business and IT consulting firm since 1997. Now that I am fully retired, I don’t charge for consulting.

My offer goes out to the members of WebcastSource.net, GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads – my way of “paying it forward” as my mentors have done with me. You generally don’t see this type of offer from any safelist. That is WHY I refer to this as an Advertising Community!

I will be glad to answer questions, help you with your ad copy, and assist with graphic issues, etc. Submit a SUPPORT TICKET. I do this because I love to keep busy, write blogs and tutorials, teach, fix things, and most importantly, stay out of my wife BARB’s way.

That’s it for now. Keep Advertising!

To Our Success ,

Rich Moyer


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