01 GotHits.org Newsletter: Traffic Sources

Where do the visitors come from?

Rotator System

Our visitors are provided through our rotator system which uses full-screen pop-under campaigns, where your page is loaded when someone visits one of our partners sites. When they close that browser window, they see a full page of yours.

Less Obtrusive Than Typical Pop-ups

However, unlike the typically annoying pop-up windows, our HITS technology enables the window to load behind the current page, which is far less obtrusive. The visitor can still surf the original site without interruption, viewing the HIT-generated site after minimizing or closing the current window, or by clicking on the task bar.

Pop-Under More Likely to Fully Load

In addition, the HIT page is much more likely to fully load (unlike many pop-ups which are closed immediately). Because of this fact, as well as its unobtrusive nature, this form of interstitial is more effective at generating sales and registrations than traditional pop-ups or exits.

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