27 I’m Blasting my ads to 56 Sites with 40,489 members!

It’s HERE! I can now say…

“Today I’m Blasting my ads to 71 Sites with 45,000 members!!

AND, I’m not a member at most of the sites I submit to!
Which means less time for me working and more time Earning
which is a must for any Internet Marketer. “


GiantProfitAds Just Joined as a Partner in AFF SuperNetworks.

You can purchase AFF SuperSolo Ads right from the ADVERTISE HERE link in the GiantProfitAds member area.

If you have ever purchased “super networks” SOLO ads, you know it can be expensive: I had paid over $30 for ONE SOLO AD in the past. Just last week I paid $36 for 100 clicks.

Now, since GiantProfitAds has become a partner in AFF Super Networks, you get the price advantage of a partner simply by being a member of GiantProfitAds.

So, let’s put this into perspective: I had paid $30 for a SOLO ad that was sent to a comparable number of members. At GiantProfitAds, AFF Super SOLO Ads are only a fraction of that cost.

Dollars and Sense.

AFF SuperNetworks is only ONE network ad distributor with whom I have a PAID Partnership.

Here is the latest rundown of Network Partnerships:
Giant Profit Ads
* Promotion Magnet – All Ad Types to 78 Partner Sites With 36,454 Total Members!
* Realtime Ad Network – All Ad Types to 72 Partner Sites – With 36,344 Total Members
* California Surfer Solos – Solo Ads to 16 Sites 33,202 Members
* Pinnacle Ad Network – Solo Ads to 24 Sites 20,545 Members
* AFF Super Networks – All Ad types to 68 Sites 46,664 Members
* Total Network Ad Reach 173,209 Members
* TAE Members 253

* AFF Solo I – Solo Ads to 60 Sites 56,107 Members

* Promotion Magnet – All Ad Types to 78 Partner Sites With 36,454 Total Members!
* Realtime Ad Network – All Ad Types to 72 Partner Sites – With 36,344 Total Members
* TAE Members 131

* Total in-site members 32
* Total WorldProfit Network connected members 17,999
* Send every 3 days to 500, 2500, or 5000 members
* Solo Ads to over 7800 members Contact Email ID
* Total Network Ad Reach 25,799

Sign up for at these safelists for free, then upgrade to JV or Pro/Lifeime. If you were smart, you would take advantage of the One Time Offers, or incentive upgrades offered in the Members area. A SuperJV Annual membership is great bargain at $20. This is an ANNUAL FEE subscription.

Hurry though. As our membership grows, so will the price.

BTW, our sister site, Mad-Cow-Ads is now a partner in ANOTHER one of the AFF Super Solo Networks.  I’m offering the same ANNUAL SJV deal but time is running out.

Annual SuperJV Buy One Get One
>>>>> http://wp.me/P4ibIZ-d3

Yours in Success,

Rich Moyer


Special Bonus Offer (Limited to 5 People)

1. Purchase ANNUAL SUPERJV Membership
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=> Email Writing Secrets (Value: $17)

“I’m About To Finally Pull Back The Curtains On How YOU
– Or Anyone – Can Chalk Out Your Very Own Profit Sucking
Promo Emails That Moves Your Readers To Buy At Will!”

=> Web 2 Graphics Pack (Value: $27)

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=> 597 Letters (Value: $4.95)

597 Ready To Use Sales Letters and Business Forms

Check out the complete details of this offer:

==> http://www.cashquest.com/bonus/?id=28555&offerid=5064

3. Send a copy of your receipt to: richard.moyer.1953@gmail.com
and I’ll send you the bonus package within 24 hours.

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