26 Daily Bonus rewards, SuperJV upgrade, Good Citizen of our Advertising Community

How do you score a gaggle of points at Giant Profit Ads? In less than a minute?

Simple Today’s Daily Login Bonus is worth ads or points:

The Daily Super Bonus is between 2000 and 5000 (a random value selected by the system).

That means that you can earn as much as 5500 points, or maybe some banners or other ads, just for logging in!

SuperJV Annual Buy One Get One

Still available http://wp.me/P4ibIZ-d3

The Price IS going up as our membership count increases. That means:

1. Do YOUR JV and SuperJV upgrade NOW before the price goes up

2. Recruit as many referrals as you can – the rewards are INCREDIBLE for a SuperJV

You can get an UNBELIEVABLE Ad Package when you upgrade to SuperJV. Most people just click through the OTO and Login Offers. Take a few minutes to actually review and consider the impact of these offers.

For one thing, everybody is so wary of the “value” statements in these ads. My ads do NOT use inflated values to impress you. I use the actual value of each element in that offer that you find in Advertise Here.

Consider the internal ads: banners, buttons, hot links, traffic links, solo ads, login ads, and others. All revenue from these ads goes right back into the business: hosting, domain name, in some cases rent, advertising co-ops, promotional ads.

Network Ads are a little different. I pay an actual out-of-pocket cost monthly for PARTNERSHIPS in these networks whether I get any revenue from them or not.

Also realize that the most effective advertising is with PAID SOLO ADS which I use to promote these safelists, mainly to recruit new ACTIVE members so you get more eyes on your ads. The more eyes, the greater the possibility of getting conversions to your offers.

Be a Good Citizen of our advertising community.

Things You Should Do Every Day

1. Login to get Daily Login Bonus and Super Daily Bonus

2. Surf at least 10 Solo ads, 10 banners, 10 Hot Links, 10 Traffic Links, 1 Admin message PER DAY

3. Post at least 1 Solo Ad

4. Make 1 referral per week

5. Join Facebook Groups with Home Business and Entrepreneur keywords. Post ads for our Advertising Community in those Facebook Groups and interact with the members by LIKE-ing their posts, and send relevant comments. It’s about RELATIONSHIPS, not a body count of LIKES and FOLLOWERS.

By “being a good citizen”, you are helping yourself, and also helping your fellow members.

How do we make this a SUPER Safelist?

Grow our membership,

Patronize the promotions of your fellow advertisers,

Patronize THESE safelists by purchasing your ads HERE. That is why I pay to keep improving the infrastructure, and becoming PARTNER with Ad Networks: to make YOUR advertising experience better and give your ads the the most effective exposure and the widest reach to diversified groups and regions.

Utilize EVERY FEATURE you have been granted at Giant-Profit-Ads, WebcastSource.net, and Mad-Cow-Ads to the fullest

Rich Moyer

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