25 Our Advertising Community

I feel so used. User stats for today so far – Mid morning Eastern Time. They are rolling in the crash cart. The code was called. The graph is flatlined. I’m bummed.

I can witness that our members are using up all the free ads and points, but you are not supporting YOUR COMMUNITY: the reason you sign up is not only to SEND ads, but also to READ ads. Just like you, others want THEIR ads to be read, and because this is a business, hopefully, some interest is peaked and sales result from their efforts.

How do you support your community? Easy. Rather than using some credit harvester (which, by the way, does not work on safelists like ours with the anti-cheat mechanisms), login, get your Super Daily Bonus and Login Bonus, then SURF the ads on our OWN safelist!

I can tell you with strong confidence, that you will find some very INTERESTING proposals, some PROMISING STARTUP VENTURES, some bargains, and some SERIOUS LIST BUILDING tools out there FROM OUR OWN MEMBERS! Don’t forget about those hidden gems: PROMO CODES.

He that gives, gets. Patronize your fellow safelist members RIGHT HERE. The way this is SUPPOSED to work is that you should be able to get quality advertising without having to pay for expensive traffic packages and SOLO ads. You don’t have to do SafeSwaps to get your ads to great prospects. The people reading THOSE ads are, by the way, the same people who patronize our SAFELIST COMMUNITY.

Let’s Keep It Alive at GiantProfitads and Mad-Cow-Ads and our newest addition WebcastSource.net.
(By the way, I look pretty ugly in a cheerleader’s uniform – a little help here!)


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