24 Incentives

Have you ever thought to offer incentives to get your prospects to sign up as a referral in your downline? I do this all the time, and it is effective.

Try to give your prospects something that has VALUE to them, that doesn’t cost you too much (or even for free like PLR eBooks, etc.). Or, bundle one offer with another. The goal is to BUILD YOUR LIST.

Gift Memberships

For instance, if you are trying to build your TEAM on an MLM like 5 Minute Mogul, where the true value of a downline member could be upwards of $25 per month, then giving them a “gift” of a one-time cost for a 1 year SuperJV at GiantProfitAds or Mad-Cow-Ads for $20.00 USD, or 3 Month Pro membership at WebcastSource.net (3 months at $9.95 = $29.85 USD). It is absolutely worth it!

Other incentives that work for me:
* Free eBooks
* Free Articles
* Offer free e-Courses
* Offer free marketing tips
* Have them fill out a survey
* Have them sign up for a free Netspend card that rewards them $20
* Free consulting (if you have the skills)
* Free webinars (search the web to find these)
* Free points (submit a support ticket for the transfer)
* Free websites, ads, or URL rotators

A Small Cost for a MOUNTAIN of PLR

I found this $4.99 member to member cash system called Cashbot.ca.   Nice little income producer at a pricepoint that most can afford.   The hidden secret is that there is over 1GB of PLR/MRR downloads.   All topics (heavy on Internet Marketing).  Be sure to read the licensing documents to be sure you can give away a product, or if you must comply with Minimum Allowable Price schedules.

Fresh Places to Advertise

Anyone involved with an MLM needs fresh places to advertise, and the partnership between GiantProfitAds, Mad-Cow-Ads and several the AFF Super Networks, and now Pinnacle Networks and CA Surfer SOLOS gives your new signups a tremendous reach for their ads (for whatever they are promoting). For instance Aff SuperNetwork has 71 sites, 45,000+ members, and you get this exposure for a single ad. And they get a very generous ad package at signup and monthly, both with GiantProfitAds SuperJV, Mad-Cow-Ads SuperJV and AFF SuperNetworks.

See the Login offers and Second Chance OTO. These are good for for a short time ONLY.

>>>>> http://wp.me/P4ibIZ-d3

Give it some thought…

Rich Moyer

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