22 Getting Referrals

Just a short message about getting referrals at GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads.

If you are a JV or Super JV member you will earn a commission for every paid referral you bring in. You will earn points for every referral. You also earn credits every time your active referrals log in to their account.

Referring others is easy to do with the marketing material we provide for you. You can get all your promotional items by clicking on the Tools and Stats button in your members area. These materials include banners (468×60), buttons (125×125), login ad banners (600×300), email swipes, and more. Also, get ideas from the admin emails (like this).

Scroll to the bottom of the Tools and Stats page to find your new referrals.

Check out the video tutorials at http://video.webcastsource.com. Highly recommended.

Be sure to send new members of your team a welcome message and offer to help them to use the system. The better they understand how it all works, the better they will be prepared to generate more referrals. After all, build their team is building yours.

If you have not yet upgraded to a Super JV member, you are really missing out on fast and prompt commission payments for each paid member on your team.

Remember to edit your profile so I know where to send your commissions. Payza/AlertPay are no longer valid in the US (which is where I am from, so I cannot pay you through Payza).

Well, that’s it for now, thank you for joining and welcome aboard!

If you need answers send me a support ticket and I will be happy to assist you.

To your success.

Rich Moyer

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