15 ~name~ Here’s Another Great Way to Get Referrals!

We hope you’re enjoying your time here.

There are so many effective ways to get referrals at this site.

On all safelists, cloak your links and monitor the effectiveness of your ads. Cloaking serves not only to protect your affiliate links and ID’s, but also is used to track your ads. We have generously increased the number of cloaked links available to each membership level. This is a great way to make your ads viral by promoting only links that have been defined on the Protect Your Links page.

Do “Split testing” by making only a minor change to one ad and submitting the original and changed ads to the same audience, same time, and the same number of users.

Use all available advertising methods offered at your membership level, such as banners (468×60), buttons (125×125), hot links, traffic links, solo ads (and footer solo ads), login ads (600×300), full page login ads, PTC ads, etc.

If you can afford it, upgrade on safelists that are showing the best results (from your split-testing).

Add your referral ID after your signature line when posting ads.

Add banners and buttons to your blog, website, or “rotators” that have your referral ID as the “target” URL.

Write a blog about your experiences at GiantProfitAds and/or Mad-Cow-Ads, and include your referral ID with your signature line.

Submit a testimonial about GiantProfitAds and/or Mad-Cow-Ads.

For every blog entry, article, or testimonial, create social media announcements (I like Buffer, which automatically submits to Facebook and Twitter).

Join Facebook IM/MLM groups, and post your referral, or talk about your testimonials or blogs about GiantProfitAds.info and MadCowAds

Write a Press Release on IBO Toolbox

You can find all your promotional material like banners and splashpages to use in the Tools and Stats area on the navigation menu in your account.

To your success ~name~.

Rich Moyer
The Admin

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