13 Succeeding On Safelists

As admin of several great Safelists and Traffic Exchanges, I see this every day. On just about every Safelist, at all membership levels from FREE up to Grand Poobah or whatever the highest level is, members are given a certain allocation of free advertisements. They are not taking full advantage of the advertising opportunities available to them as part of their membership. For each opportunity missed, that could be a sale that is missed.

The ad types that people gravitate to are generally the SOLO ads, but do you know that every time a message is displayed, Giant Profit Ads rotates through the banners that are defined? You don’t have to accumulate credits. You don’t have to read emails. All you have to do is define YOUR banners, and the ads for the products or services YOU ARE PROMOTING are being shown!

If you don’t know the difference between the different ad types:

  • A Banner is a graphic ad, 468×60. When someone clicks on the banner, they are taken to the TARGET URL you defined when you added the banner.
  • A Button is also a graphic ad, 125×125. The exact same behavior as a banner, but just a smaller graphic.
  • A Text Ad is typically a text message with no HTML formatting. Only standard alphabetical, numeric, and punctuation characters are allowed. Embedded URL’s are not permitted within the text message, but there is a field where you could define an associated URL. This ad type requires that the viewer “surf” Text Ads on the site to get credits. Text Ads are not used on Mad-Cow-Ads at this time.
  • An HTML Ad is like a text message, but HTML formatting is allowed. Depending on the editor, typical formatting functions such as Bold, Italic, Underline, Left/Right/Center Justified, bullet and numbered lists. With some HTML editors, embedded graphics can be inserted , embedded URL’s can be defined (although it is discouraged due to the high bounce-rate for messages with embedded URL’s), and different fonts and colors can be used. Many HTML messages even give more control by allowing editing of the HTML source. This ad type requires that the viewer “surf” HTML Ads on the site to get credits. HTML Ads are not used on Mad-Cow-Ads at this time.
  • Traffic Links are simply links to your promotions, webpages, and outside sources. These appear on the member pages within the site, and also in the “header” while surfing. This is a great way to quickly accumulate credits whether “surfing” on the site or clicking credit links in your email.
  • Login Ads are the ads you see, gee, when you LOG IN. Login ads require a 600×300 graphic.
  • Full Page Login Ads as the title suggests, are full page HTML ads that are displayed at login, and usually require a minimum amount of time viewing before the user can exit to the member area.
  • SOLO Ads are text or HTML messages sent out via email to the CONTACT EMAIL of members in a LIST. On a TAE like GiantProfitAds or Mad-Cow-Ads, these go out to the CONTACT email of other members of the respective Safelist.
  • Super Network Ads can be for any of the above types. Network ads are premium ads ($$$) but have a very large distribution to many sites to thousands of members. This is the most value for the advertising dollar, and get the most exposure. Results are typically 10 times better than regular SOLO ads.  Our policy is to offer SuperNetwork Ads at the LOWEST ALLOWABLE PRICE defined in my partner agreement with these SuperNetworks.

So, to take advantage of all the opportunities afforded you when you join a Safelist or TAE, be sure to define all of the ad types available to you.

Back to the topic of Safelists Strategy:

Since ads you post on Safelists are seen by OTHER MEMBERS, it is to your advantage to:

  • PROMOTE MAD-COW-ADS and/or GiantProfitAds…
  • GIVE MAD-COW-ADS, WebcastSource.net and/or Mad-Cow-Ads A GOOD RATING…

If you need help coming up with ideas, let me know. See many of the ads I post on GiantProfitAds, WebcastSource.net and Mad-Cow-Ads.

Sign up for the Safelist. I can recommend some wonderful affiliate programs that will:

  • Allow you to build a DOWNLINE…
  • Make Money From Referrals…
  • Make Money By Selling Products…

Rich Moyer

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