13 Watch Out for Imposters

WARNING: Someone Is
Pretending To Be Me!

My traffic has gotten so popular that some jerk is pretending to be me on Skype and trying to scam people into buying Solos, Leads & Coaching.

There’s a special place in hell for this guy… but let me tell you how to quickly and easily avoid him and anyone else out to cheat you of the traffic you need:

If you buy traffic through me on Skype, simply stay away from anyone with the fake ID “igor.khefets”…

My authentic Skype ID is “igor.kheifets” (note, it has the “i”)

For future reference, these are my authentic business addresses

My email is: kheifets.igor@gmail.com and support@igorsoloads.com

My Facebook ID is: facebook.com/igorhelpsyousucceed

And when you place your order, simply make sure it goes only to “Slackers With Cash LTD” as the Paypal business name.

Rich Moyer

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