15 Some Thoughts on Testing

A friendly WARNING for anyone who wants to test their offer with as few clicks as possible

I hope you’ve enjoyed scrolling down this page and seeing all the success my solo traffic has given to marketers all across the world.

Many of those marketers have established offers and funnels, so they simply ask me to send them as many clicks as I can!

However, if you’re testing your offer, I’ve got your back too.

My solo packages begin at 200 clicks, which experience tells me, is the perfect tester package for someone who wants to test an offer.

Why is 200 clicks the magic number?

Well, because it gives you a much more accurate and precise test results, so you can act upon good information as you scale things up.

On the flip side, 50 or 100 clicks would simply leave you in the darkunsure if your results are just a fluke.

Since such a tiny sample size of clicks gives you no real idea whether your funnel is firing on all cylinders, or not.

This is the reason I now warn marketers to stay away from 50 or 100 click packages. Even though many other solo sellers will be glad to sell them to you!

In stark contrast… my 200 click starter package gives you the right amount of clicks needed to receive valuable and actionable feedback from the marketplace. (Often times that feedback is, “We want this! Scale up!”)

PLUS…this is risk-free test for you, because I take all the risk off your shoulders and put it onto mine.

You may qualify for 100% Solo Insurance, which will give you the clicks you need to test, without risking a single cent of your money.

That’s how confident I am in my traffic to bring you the success you deserve. The next step is simply to apply to see if you qualify for Solo Insurance…

Thanks Igor, let me purchase my starter package now, and discover if I qualify for Risk-Free Solo Insurance…

Rich Moyer
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