02 Six Different Ways to Advertise!

Six Different Ways to Advertise!

Many of them FREE!

Hit Exchange

Earn advertising credits by looking at other member’s websites. You can earn advertising credits or you can buy them at awesome prices.

Solo Ads

A solo ad is an email that we send out to all our active members. Blast your email ad to our growing member base.

Banner Exchange

Exchange some of your ad credits to show your clickable banner image or earn banner impression credits by placing a banner on your website or blog.

Link Impressions

We have our member’s links placed all over TopSurfer. You can convert some ad credits to link impressions and have your link shown and clicked.

Newsletter Ads

We send out a newsletter once a week. Your ad can be placed in the newsletter.


Search Engine Optimization – If you have your own website then you will want it listed in the major search engines, and you will want it to come up near t

What Else Do You Get?

  • Get 100 FREE advertising credits just for signing up!
  • Earn FREE advertising credits just by looking at other peoples websites.
  • Earn FREE advertising credits while you play games.
  • Earn 100 advertising credits by referring others.
  • Earn Money by looking at other people’s websites.
  • Or buy advertising credits at AWESOME prices!
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