22 Important: How to Qualify for Commissions

Any time there is a discussion of Comp Plans, I feel as though my head will explode.  Even though they consider this a “simple” comp plan, I can feel the veins in my head swelling.  The one simple nugget I got from the FAQS pertains to getting qualified for commissions.

Bottom Line:  There is no requirement to purchase but a product purchase is the easiest way to qualify.  Here are the pertinent segments of the FAQ in which those requirements are discussed:

Product Purchase Requirements to Earn Commissions:

There will be no product purchase requirement in order to sell that product or earn commissions on any products at Traffic Authority. Any reseller may market any product from our product line which will include the Traffic Optimizer, Traffic Academy, and Traffic packages.

You may only receive commissions on products that you are qualified to receive. In order to gain access to the comp plan if you have chosen to come in as a free member you will have to pay the Reseller License of $20 per month. For your first 3 sales of any product type you will pass them up 100% (the people and commissions). Then your 6 sales at 50/50 start to kick in as you move from free member to active affiliate member, providing you are in good standing with the company and your reseller license is up to date.

How do I get qualified for the different products?

There are two ways to become qualified. The fastest and most effective way to become qualified is to purchase the products yourself outright. This gives you credibility, experience with the product, and immediate qualification.

The second way for  to qualify for any product is to sell them to your team or in the retail marketplace. It takes 3 referred sales to qualify to receive commissions on Traffic Optimizer and Traffic Academy. While you will refer the commissions for these product sales to your sponsor or next qualified upline member, the person who purchased the product from you will remain on your team.

Hope that cleared it up for you.

Rich Moyer

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